Overview of Lower Clear Creek Watershed/CRMP Group

The Lower Clear Creek Watershed/CRMP group includes private landowners, stakeholders, concerned citizens and agency representatives who meet on a quarterly basis and conduct annual field tours of restoration activities. Representatives from the local Redding Rancheria tribal organization, located on Clear Creek, have attended CRMP meetings and support the restoration of salmon and steelhead in the watershed.

What is a CRMP?

CRMP = Coodinated Resource Management and Planning. A CRMP is a locally-based decision making process where people with diverse interests work together to identify natural resource issues, develop plans, and implement projects within a given land area or watershed.

Who's Involved in a CRMP?

  • Landowners and residents
  • Representatives from local, state & federal agencies
  • City and county planning departments
  • Representatives from organizations who have an interest in the watershed

The CRMP Process

  • Recognizes the interdependencies that exist between people and the environment.
  • Encourages direct participation of everyone.
  • Builds an awareness and understanding of the natural systems and processes at play.
  • Results in improved natural resource management through cooperation and collaboration.
  • Brings landowners and stakeholders together.
  • Uses an interdisciplinary team approach to problem-solving.
  • CRMP assumes that no one unit of government, agency, group or individual has all the knowledge, expertise or resources to address watershed issues involving complex, interconnected ecosystems.