Erosion Control Photos

The sources of the problems...

Road surface washing away

Minimal road surface damage

Plugged culvert

Major road damage - no water control

Road surface washing away

Road damage due to improper water control

An eroded hillside

Erosion of road

Erosion Control efforts...

Strawing road surface for erosion control

Area to insert/replace culvert

Culvert insertion to protect road surface

Creek crossing to control erosion

Culvert insertion

Road resurfaced over new culvert

Replacing culvert

Creek crossing to control erosion

Replaced culvert

Creating an in-board ditch for run-off

Water diversion

Lining & filling the in-board ditch

And the completed work...

Muletown Road completed with proper drainage

Road grading properly handles runoff

Straw covers newly graded road

Proper outslope

Rolling dip to divert water

A strawed area for erosion control