Restoration - Fisheries Photos


Lower Clear Creek Floodplain Revegetation Project

The site before restoration...

Overlook of the project looking west

From the south bluff looking east

The floodway before contruction

Tailings and other damage from old mining

Salmon-stranding ponds among the mine tailings...

Salmon-stranding pond near channel

Turtle traps used to relocate turtles

Pumping water out of the pond

Draining the pond completely

Pond being filled to bring it up to grade

The pond filled

Creating a temporary stream crossing for the workers and equipment...

Placing culverts for crossing

Covering culverts to complete crossing

The completed temporary stream crossing

Building a containment dike...

The area degraded with mine tailings

Construction of a berm

The berm completed

The berm mulched to protect from erosion

The berm remained stable and begins to grow grass

Preparing the floodplain and channel for rehabilitation...

Vegetation is cut with chainsaws and chipped

Turtle channel is scoured


Various types of heavy equipment used

Recreating the flood plain area


Pond filled, and grading in process

Channel complete, ready for revegetation

Overview of complete project, ready for revegetation

The revegetation process...

Overview, looking west

Floodway prepped for planting

Rows and holes are marked for heavy equipment

Flags indicate where the trees will be planted

Separate flags for cottonwoods and willows

Heavy equipment used to drill holes

Equipment used to line up rows

collection of willows and cotton woods

Willow cuttings are dipped in paint for identification

Cuttings are trasported to planting site

Backhoe used to cut holes for clippings

Contractor plants cutting by hand

Placing the cuttings in rows

Cuttings are kept in drums of water until planted

A cottonwood is planted

An Arroyo Willow is planted

Clippings planted and mulched

Rows of planted cuttings

About half of the section completed

Revegetation completed

Tree protectors are installed

Revegetation complete

Student visisting the revegetation site

Succesful replanting

Removing the temporary creek crossing...

Rootwads used to effectively stabilize the channel during high winter flows...


Measuring success rate by inventorying vegetation growth

Several months after revegetation and channel restoration

One year after the revegetation project, with tree protectors removed

Gravel Injection for Fisheries Recovery

The Saletzer Dam site...

Saelzer dam site prior to gravel injection

Gravel piled on bank

Looking down at the pile

Gravel injection in process


Gravel on creek bank

Waiting for high creek flows

The gravel after heavy creek flows

After gravel pushed into creek

The Placer Bridge site...

Gravel dump is at lower terrace

Site is on left

Before gravel insertion


Gravel piled on the bank


Waiting for high flows

The injected gravel works its magic...

Gravel in stream after injection


Gravel washed downstream

The creek continues to move gravel

Salmon-spawning gravel bed

Spawning gravel close-up

Successful gravel distribution

RCD staff tracking transmitter gravel

Spawning gravel with person for perspective